Our Story
MasterGrain is the wood grain fiberglass door your home deserves. When you go MasterGrain, you are choosing premium engineering and superbly longlasting materials, coupled with our passion for everything ‘door’ – from looks, to smooth operation, to longevity.
The intricate detail of our wood grain is utterly lifelike. Picture the ravishing looks of wood married with the durability of high quality, hardwearing fiberglass.

Our Technology
Our MasterGrain technology is the heart and soul of our company. We are the proud creators and owners of NVD technology – the unique, highly specialized process behind every one of our beautiful fiberglass doors. We begin with the careful construction of a real wood door, whose unique fine grain detail is then, via the wonders of NVD, meticulously transferred onto fiberglass panels.
Our NVD technology is the envy to the door industry. Our sophisticated technology and wood grain replication are unmatched to competitors, this is why our customers love MasterGrain doors.

Our Promise
The MasterGrain promise is to ensure your complete satisfaction, peace of mind, and endless delight throughout the door-buying and owning experience. Our drive to make doors that are not just unique, but shapes trends, technologies and changes to the door industry has been at the heart of our company.
We promise to keep pioneering new products, setting higher industry standards, and to earn our place as your “go-to” for the door that makes you feel like you’re truly at home.

How It’s Made