Build Door Details

A pair of beefy 4.25” stiles runs down both sides of every door. The stiles are made of laminated strand lumber: one of the strongest, straightest and most stable engineered wood fiber products available.

Beautiful, finely defined wood grain: that’s another special quality about our doors. We use NVD technology that allows flawless and consistent replication of a real wood grain to be executed on all elements of your door system.

All of our doors are insulated with high density, CFC-free polyurethane foam (between 2.2 – 2.5 lb of foam to be exact) for efficiency and noise abatement, and to diminish energy loss and sound leakage.

Engineered Stiles

True square-edge design offers an attractive wood door appearance while permitting easy field trimming. The engineered stiles run the entire height of the door on both the hinge and lock sides, providing superior rigidity and high resistance to thermal bow.

NVD Technology

NVD technology is the unique, highly specialized process behind every one of our beautiful fiberglass doors. We begin with the careful construction of a real wood door, whose unique fine grain detail is then, via the wonders of NVD, meticulously transferred onto fiberglass panels.

The Process

The door-making process begins by hand-selecting the most desirable pieces of wood to build a real wood door. Once the door is completed, a silicone casting is used to pick up all of the fine details of the wood grain. The casting is then used to transfer the wood grain texture into a door mold. The mold produces a fiberglass skin that is used to create a brand-new door, complete with random grain depths and all of the natural characteristics of a real wood door.

The final product is a fiberglass door that is virtually indistinguishable from a real wood door.

  • Cherry Grain
  • Fir Grain
  • Knotty Alder Grain
  • Mahogany Grain
  • Oak Grain

“You won’t believe it’s not real wood!”

Frame and Components

All of our door system components have been developed using the proprietary NVD technology to ensure a perfect match, every time.

Lite Frames

Lite frames are crafted from fiberglass to ensure a perfect match to our doors, every time. Twisting, warping and rotting are wood qualities we didn’t want, and our fiberglass won’t do that. Count on our products to last a lifetime

Plugless Frame System
​Our internal clipping system provides amazing glass retention without the need for plugs! Slam-tested and severe weather-proofed!